There are three pavilions and 81 exhibit booths. Pavilion A is Conventional Energy/Clean Technology, Pavilion B is Health & Medical, Pavilion C is Agriculture & Forestry/Consumer/Commercial. The design and layout of the WAVE conference and exhibition incorporates presentation areas into the exhibit areas, ensuring the exhibitors in each pavilion full access to a focused audience. Below are the present assignments:

At the same time, the layout encourages attendees to discover and experience MNT product technology outside their specific discipline.


Exhibitor Map



Booth assignments



Health and Medical solutions incorporating micro and nano technology for innovative products  for applications in medical, oral care, health information management, drug delivery, and food safety. These innovative health care products help promote health and improve the quality, cost, and outcomes of patient care.


Cleantech is any technology solution that incorporates diverse microsystems and nanotechnology-based science to enhance operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while significantly reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution (a.k.a., negative ecological impact).


Consumer and Commercial products incorporating micro and nano technology for innovative solutions to issues in the communication, automotive, display, aviation, and home industries. These products improve our day-to-day home and work experiences, enabling higher efficiency, lower cost, and better quality of life.


Conventional Energy technology solutions focus on nano science and micro products that enhance operational performance, reduce costs, and promote efficient extraction of oil and gas resources.


The Agriculture and Forestry sector incorporates innovative micro and nano technology solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency and sustainability in this sector. Applications include agricultural and forest products processing, smart-farming, food safety, food preservation, packaging, quality assurance, new materials, by-product utilization and environmental safety.