"Let me congratulate for conducting one of the best conferences I have ever attended and thank you for the opportunity to participate.  In the last 40 years I’m afraid I’ve been to far too many that didn’t come close to the level you achieved.  Great setting, great topic, well executed." Steven W.

"...I want to thank you and the organizing committee for a wonderful job. This has indeed been one of the most productive conferences I have attended in a while: real business discussions with potential partners. The logistics, timing, location, helpfulness of the staff, and all the other details that go to make a great conference were impeccable." Sergio K.

"Congratulation for a very successful conference!...." Masako M.

"Great 1st conference!!! .....And Bravo, once again, on a WAVE conference that was very well done--as per my evaluation slip  :))" Evan K.

"It was a spectacular conference and a rare opportunity - we definitely made the most of it and have several new contacts!" Jaron D.

"...This was without question the most effective networking event I have ever attended. And the keynote talks were fascinating and informative..." Jeff S.

"..You delivered business contacts and progress on our major commercial initiatives in spades. Great attendance by influential government leaders." Gary S.

"Congratulations on a very successful conference...." Ishak W.

"...We could build truly and exciting relationships and contacts with potential partners. Compared to other conferences, this one was focused very well on business development in MNT and seemed to have the right crowd of people to create synergies...." Mike T.

“Just a quick note of thanks for all your efforts around the WAVE conference. It turned out to be great opportunity for us to further our business. I am not sure how you got a senior executive of Maple Leaf there, but you did, and it worked out very well for D-TEX”. John M.