WAVE 2011 Conference

Take your investable tech products to market

You may have a great investable technology product and not know it yet. Or you may know it, but can’t find partners and markets. In either case, it’s a big challenge to connect innovators with larger corporations and funding to help develop products and take them to market.

That’s what the Wave 2011 conference is all about… and we’re doing it in a very different way.

Connect with the right exhibitors

Typically, at large international conferences the exhibitors exhibit. The presenters present. The attendees listen and walk around exhibits looking for opportunities. Everyone is left to their own devices to make the right connections.

But at Wave 2011, we’re going to change all that. Every company that exhibits will also present to the entire audience. So exhibitors and attendees will understand where the opportunities are without all the frustration.

Actually meet the keynotes one-on-one

What about the big keynotes? There will be outstanding keynotes from a who’s who in the international tech space. And get this… they won’t just present and go home. At the presentations you’ll learn what they’re looking for and then they’ll be available for one-on-one meetings with you during the three days.
Plus, government officials from Alberta and across Canada will be in attendance, looking for new opportunities to invest and collaborate.

Find the right partners

So come. Exhibit. Present. Or join us as an attendee and pitch your product in one-on-one meetings. Some of the world’s most important companies in the tech space want to tell you what they’re looking for and hear about what you’re working on.

For example…

In the health and medical market, many products from point of care devices to targeted therapies are using micro and nano technology for the products today and in the future. In conventional energy and clean technology, sensors are used in a wide variety of applications. In many new consumer and commercial applications, gyros and accelerometers enable the devices to be smarter and more interactive. This three-day event will bring together people with products, ideas and funding… including manufacturers, distributors, sales representatives, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, investors and government.

This is the one conference you must attend!